I know, it’s just mid-afternoon on Monday 7th June… I can’t even say I was busy over the weekend, because I really wasn’t…

Well, Saturday wasn’t a totally unexpected figure. It went up. 92.8. But given the non focussed week I had, and I think a little fluid retention in there too, I can’t act surprised by an increase. I am disappointed. But I do believe that there is some fluid in there. I am going to look into this.


The above web page was very insightful. I give credit to its creators and mean no disrespect or copyright infringement if I quote from it.

I have in the past been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. A mild case that seemed to right itself with professionally dispensed plant iodine tablet supplements. Not a prescription, just from the “professional” range produced by an everyday vitamin company that only practitioners can hand over. I then moved and lost access to that and never sought another practitioner here… But I do take a liquid supplement (when I remember). I haven’t been retested in quite a while. I know that having an over active thyroid (hyper) is just as bad as my hypo, and it seems hypo can also be a trigger for fluid retention. Hyper can cause you to be very underweight along with other issues, while hypo causes a sluggish metabolism and weight gain.

I also drink a fair bit of tea and a little coffee during the day, every day. I will try to stop this over-consumption of tea and coffee. Lately I have also not been drinking enough water as we head into winter here, so I am not feeling as thirsty due to the weather not being hot. And of course we know that my physical activity has not been up to par of late.

These last few factors are the ones I am going to focus on in terms of attempting to rid myself of any potential fluid retention that I may be experiencing.

I will ensure I drink more water.

I will ensure I take my iodine supplement daily.

I will ensure I get at least some minor physical activity each day (15-20 minutes minimum).

I will avoid adding salt to my food and will try to steer clear of foods that may contain salt.

I might also get myself a good quality B group vitamin supplement.

Given that I can tend to lose weight when I do all the right things, I think this will help. I certainly don’t experience any swelling in a single area that might indicate vein problems, just more of a sudden small weight gain from one week to the next.

If these things do not help to set myself right, then I will see a doctor to get a check up in case it is more on the serious side. Hopefully I do not have any liver, kidney or heart issues. I don’t drink heavily and don’t abuse my body with other drugs. I don’t even smoke tobacco.

Today, I have also taken the first step towards seeing a personal trainer – booked in for this Wednesday after work. I noticed over the weekend that my gym (I call it “my” gym, though haven’t been in quite a while) have started doing an early morning body pump class again according to their online timetable. I used to love going at 6.15am on Mondays. It was a great way to start the day and the week. They got rid of it due, I am guessing, to low numbers. But now they have it on Tuesdays at 6.15 which is a time that works well for me with work. I am really tempted to go.

I also want to see a personal trainer who I kind of know through another girl I met at the gym who is trained by this particular trainer. We have spoken from time to time, exchanged pleasantries and had small chats. She seems really nice and I am hoping she will understand the many things going on in my life and head and will be able to help develop something that will work for me. I’m sure she will. This will surely give me some motivations and make me commit!

Go the groove!