I’ve done it. Got myself a lard-busting buddy. We made a pact to walk 3 nights a week – Monday/Wednesday/Friday. No excuses to not make it. Other than death or serious illness/unjory of course. We start tomorrow night!

She lost 30 kilos walking a trail near where we both used to work. I want to lose a bit over 20 and she’d like to shed a few that she has recently gained. It’s a 3km part trail or 5km full trail walk. We’ll start with the 3 and move to the full 5 when we’re physically ready. Nice ups and downs with hills and some flats for good measure.

So, like her buddy did with her years ago, she’s going to trailwalk me! It will compliment the things I do at home on my rowing machine, stationary bike, cross trainer etc.

Look out trail, here I come!