Hmmm. I have a wedding coming up very soon. I thought I would have had a lot more time to “prepare” for this, but due to a major family illness on one side of the bridal party, it’s been decided that May 1st is the ‘go’ date as a parent may not live much longer than this. And they’re in my immediate/close family so I will be a definite attendee. Well I hope so at least – my husband is Best man!!

Not long engaged, sometime shortly after New Years this year,  I found out last night that I have barely just over a month to whip myself into slightly better shape that I am in now in order to feel comfortable and confident as I dress up for this special event, one that will be photographed for all to see for many years to come.

I think that is where the pressure comes from. It’s all well and good to be overweight – albeit by about 22 kilograms (48 pounds) based on my realistic goal weight, but it’s when things are photographed that I know people will remember. They can’t not remember. All they need to do is look at a photograph and there I am, larger than life and larger than I would ideally like to be.

Come on thyroid, play ball. Please. If you do that, and I do the rest, we can be a little more ship shape by May Day. If I can manage to lose 1 kilogram per week, which I have been able to do before, then there is the potential to lose 5 in total (or 11 pounds) by the wedding.

Onwards to May Day!