Well after 2 walks on the Anniversary Trail with my lard-busting buddy, I can say that I have lost 1.4kg in the last week! And that was on top of a somewhat indulgent weekend.

The deal we made Thursday of last week was to walk three times a week after work – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It’s a 5km walk that’s got some ups and downs to it, so it’s not dead flat. And we decided to do it at a quick pace, not just a stroll, so that we get the most out of it. I just so happened to already have Friday and Monday (yesterday) off. But still, I drove over this side of the city and walked both Fri & Mon.

It was my mother’s 50th birthday on Saturday so the hubby and I had a weekend away with a nice dinner that night and some nice breakfasts/lunches thrown in too (though I tried to be good-ish) and I still managed a good number. I can’t wait for next Tuesday when I weigh in again. After a Wednesday/Friday/Monday full series of walks plus a week of eating well, I can only hope for a good number. I am also hoping for good weather as we are in Autumn here in the southern hemisphere and Winter will soon be upon us.

I know this figure is more of a kick-start given I am re-entering my weight loss plan after a couple of weeks of losing focus then a few weeks of being sick, so I don’t expect to do this every week. It’s nice to see something this big though. Good motivation despite how much I kind of loathe the Trail.

I’ll see you next week, if not before.

Gutsy Girl out!