So, myself and my lard-busting buddy have been walking 3 days a week on the trail for a good few weeks now. I can say that I have lost – as at last week’s weigh-in – a total of 6kg or 13.2 pounds. Not too bad! Can’t wait for this week’s weigh!

Last night’s walk (yes, Sunday, sub’d for Friday as I had a work event) even had 4 minutes of jogging in one go! We hadn’t timed or measured to date as we’ve been adding little bits of jogging along the way, but this time I thought to check the counter watch first and again when we finished. We were so pleased with ourselves!! We also tried another part of the same trail that heads north instead of south. Hoping for more light as the nights get shorter and darker as we head into Winter here.

Had a busy week last week but felt great when I weighted in on Wednesday. I meant to log on and post an update but between work work work and walk walk walk I didn’t get to it! Finally under 90kg – 89.7 to be precise (197.3 pounds), meaning a loss of exactly 6kg. So glad to be out of the 90’s – and this time it is permanent!! To ensure permanency, I am putting in place some steps to ensure I never go back – such as:

  1. Getting rid of old clothing that fits comfortably at +90kg.
  2. Putting up some smaller motivational garments that I will see every day to keep me focussed.
  3. Continuing to eat well, exercise with my buddy and weigh in weekly.
  4. Keeping a water bottle handy to ensure I drink plenty and don’t eat when I think I am hungry but am actually thirsty.
  5. Keeping desk-drawer snacks to a minimum at work to ensure I don’t nibble when not actually hungry but think that I am (or am bored).
  6. Pushing myself to go harder and go further – this will be hard to just “do it” as with some of the above but as we add more and more jogging to our walks, I push myself and will continue to try to go further each time.

So, there we have it. Some more plans! Will check in again later in the week to let you know how this week’s number goes! Even FLAT IS GOOD. I know we will be building/toning a little muscle as we go, so as long as I don’t go up according to the scales, then I will be happy!