OK, so I know it has been a little while since I blogged. No need to worry – I have just been so busy exercising! Not 7 days a week of course, but with my lard-busting buddy at least 3 days a week and I am seeing some great results! The days I don’t work out I like to relax and spend time with family so I had to plan this blog session!

If the weather is good, as we’re heading into Winter here in the southern hemisphere, we go for a 6km very brisk walk/jog. If the weather is not on our side, we do pilates or a cardio and weights cross training session.

So far, as of my weigh-in on Tuesday of this week, I have lost 8.1 kilograms or 17.8 pounds!

Needless to say the wedding on Sunday just gone did not stress me, seeing as though I had toned up and slimmed down some areas of my body a little. I felt more confident. I can’t wait to see some photos. I know they won’t be hugely different as 8 kilos isn’t a huge amount off my body yet. There are noticeable areas where I can tell I have lost weight (and others can too!), mostly around my cheekbones, collarbones etc. I can also tell in the fit of my clothing as many garments are looser.

I’m sure I will have lost more fat weight than just 8 kilos and I will have toned up some muscle too. But I am not trying to crash-diet or anything radical like that, so my average of just over .5kg (1.1lb) per week is fine by me. I don’t even consider what I am doing to be a ‘diet’. It is a lifestyle improvement! Something I plan to maintain!! The slower I lose by making actual permanent changes to my lifestyle, the better.

I am now not far off the nice round number of 10 kilograms. That will feel like a great achievement! I will have to celebrate that and reward myself to ensure the motivation and focus remain steadfast!

From May 11th I will also start reporting losses in terms of centimetres off my body. My lard-busting buddy mentioned that so I measured myself in various places on April 11 and I plan to remeasure monthly. The reason I picked the 11th is that my new plan for this year commenced on Jan 11 so that date was rather fitting, and it was only a day or two prior to April 11 that we were first talking about seeing body changes but not seeing a change on the scales, therefore using a tape measure to tell the story instead.

So, until May 11…

Gutsy Girl xox