One great thing that I have noticed over the course of my recent weight loss is that a few favourite garments that had been packed away are now being moved back into my general wardrobe.

It can be surprising how a garment used to feel when attempting to wear it, then changing my mind and packing it away. Out of sight, out of mind. I am digging out things that in some cases I had forgotten I had, specifically a certain colour of brown pant with pinstripes. I am wearing them today. Not only did they slide on very easily, but there is a small amount of room to move. They’re not gaping open but the moment I had them on, I had no concerns of sitting suddenly and them splitting open at the seams, nor do they look ‘ok’ when standing but strangle the mid-section when sitting. It wasn’t a case of wearing them whilst standing upright for a while so the fabric could loosen enough to attempt sitting, the way jeans loosen when worn. And it wasn’t a case of fitting around the legs but not being able to fasten them, or not fitting around the legs at all. I think that was how they last felt. I possibly wore these 18 months ago. I now love these pants again!

I am going to go through some more ‘archived’ clothing this weekend to see what other gems I can now wear again. I am greatly looking forward to expanding my wardrobe, not with new garments but with clothing I already own that I have not been able to wear, either having been shamefully, uncomfortably tight or not fitting at all.

If losing 8 kilos has brightened my life this much, I can hardly wait to hit 10, then 15 and hopefully even 20. 25 would be just divine!

Gutsy Girl out xox