OK. So I know it is Wednesday. I did weigh in yesterday but did not get around to trying on old clothing over the weekend to see what archived gems I can now wear again. I will get around to it when I am not so busy exercising! 🙂

So, the weigh in. Another great week. I lost 0.6kg (1.3lb) which is above my goal of 0.5kg per week, so I am very happy. Any loss is a celebration really, be it above or below the goal loss. Flat is even ok. Gain is bad! And that’s 2 weeks in a row of 0.6! This brings me to 87.0kg or 191.4 pounds. Pretty good result!

Today is also the 11th of the month, therefore we need to measure! Tonight I will get getting out the tape measure and will report back on my centimeters lost! Yippee!

Ciao xox